Sunday, 24 May 2009


So here it is; first attempt at making a slideshow to show what I did making the waistcoat. Didn't seem to want to let me add comments to the photos, but never mind, I'm sure you get the gist of it.

And this is me in my new waistcoat, it was so lovely and warm today it dried in the sun in no time:

Then I had a bit of inspiration for the pouch. I made a couple of little beads from the left over roving, sewed them on as buttons, and added little loops made from the home-spun yarn that I had dyed with the same colours. M is feeling bored and lonely at her dad's house for half term so I thought I would send it to her to cheer her up. I enjoyed making the beads, it was very quick and simple for such a nice effect, so I then proceeded to make some more little beads out of the remaining roving ... maybe a little bracelet is coming next.


  1. I am equally impressed with the the felting as I am with the slideshow. One of these days I will sit down and figure how to use my blogger account properly. Until then, I will just keep reading yours.
    You look fab in the sun, in your lovely waistcoat!
    Much Love, J

  2. You must be so proud wearing your handmade waistcoat:) And, that pouch is adorable. You could probably add a strap and turn it into a small handbag.

    P.S. It is impressive, as Julie wrote, that you were able to create that video. I have no idea how and will never try!


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