Thursday 6 May 2010

Election time

So, no draughty school hall for us here in the Cotswolds, we have this rather grand building, the Redesdale Hall, as our polling station. It is home to an antiques fair most weeks, and a regular exhibition of Tolkien Art, but today the residents of Moreton in Marsh trooped along here to cast their votes.
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (conservative) has been the sitting MP since 1992. I e-mailed to him once several years ago (cannot remember what about, probably home education) and got a proper letter in reply, but he's not getting my vote. We made a family outing to go and vote together after lunch today, it was Tish's first general election (though not first time voting). Anyway, here's hoping that everyone out there entitled to vote in today's election bothered to go out and make their mark. People can be very scathing about our democracy but for all it's flaws I remind myself that in many places round the world people do not even have the token participation that we get here, and the right was hard won and should not be taken lightly.


  1. Martine, you are so right! The vote was hard won, especially for women, and we do take that freedom much too lightly.
    Hope the results work out well in your riding.

  2. Hear hear! and what about this you tube clip to rouse our spirits

    makes my spine tingle!!x

  3. Hear hear, from me too! I love to vote, and cannot understand how people so casually fail to exercise their voice in politics.

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