Sunday 30 May 2010


Seem to have lost my posting mojo recently. Dunk very kindly allowed me to do the 'Clematis Post' this year, and sent this photo for your pleasure. We have this most lovely clematis that smothers the very ancient shed at the bottom of the garden. I am convinced it is the only thing holding the shed upright. We have a couple of weeks of wonderful flowers and then just a plain ordinary shed the rest of the year, so I like to enjoy it while it is there.
And these are from last week. This is my older son Lewis (22 yesterday) when we were walking in the woods, collecting a huge log for his new vivarium. It was nostalgia moment for me because as a child we could never walk anywhere without him bringing home some very large branch; he's got bigger so the branches have too.
And this is the finished vivarium all fitted out. I paid for the plexiglass for his birthday present ... it might drive you mad that he talks about nothing else but I love the fact he is passionate about the reptiles and it keeps him off the streets and uses up all his spare money. He has never been a fan of writing so he holds the whole design in his head, and works in inches (a hang-back to his teenage days playing Warhammer) and I am proud of what he can do when he puts his mind to it.

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