Tuesday 25 May 2010

Tegu walking

We had a hectic week off culminating in a weekend visit to my lovely sons Lewis and Jacob, and Lewis' girlfriend Rachel (photo here from their visit last year), in Newcastle (Blaydon to be precise). This tends to involve me running errands for Lewis; so here we are at Tropical Teams (their favourite reptile shop), I am walking Flik, the Tegu.
And after running errands I get to help him start building a new vivarium for Ozzy (Chinese Water Dragon).
and then rearranging the reptile room (what most people call a dining room) so he can fit it in. I am quite impressed that he managed to not injure himself with the power tools nor throw more than a very mild tantrum.
This is my very cool photo of Tish also walking Flik, in her (or rather Rachel's) most unsuitable shoes:
And in looking for the cool piccy of Rachel sat inside the huge vivarium I found this fantastic shot (taken by Jacob) of Midge the Bosc Monitor, still pretty small here, looking quite tame and sweet. I keep wondering why my kids didn't chose to get into fish instead, though remaining grateful that they left the ferret fancying to their dad.
We did have a good time as well, eating piles of Sushi while watching Sherlock Holmes and then spending Sunday morning browsing IKEA (us girls were keeping out of Lewis' way while he chopped wood.)


  1. just so you know Midget is a bosc monitor lizrd not boss!!

  2. I think those fantabulous pink heels are awesome lizard walking shoes ;0


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