Tuesday 11 May 2010

Work Winge of the Week 3 - Customers

Typical conversation with customers:
Me: Good morning (hands post over)
Customer: I don't want any bills this morning.

Me: Good morning (hands post over, again)
Customer: Just more junk, it can go straight in the bin.
(I do love to know I am spending my morning usefully)

Me : Good morning
Customer: Anything for us today?
Me: No, nothing today.
Customer: Oh dear, nobody loves us:-(

I can't bloody win!!!!

(Picture is by someone called Thomas Liddall Armitage, but he is not significant enough to have a Wiki page)


  1. I feel all of those three things almost every time I get post, plus a number 4 which would be "why is it after lunch that I am getting my post". Mind you, the postperson often brings me books from Amazon so I can't complain!

  2. This is the misnomer about 'efficiency'. We have done our job properly if the first class letters you get were posted yesterday, not by the actual time of the arrival. Delivery rounds are average 4 1/2 hours, so some people will always get delivery early, and if you are at the end of the round it will always be after lunch, sorry.
    It's only going to get worse I'm afraid. new walk sorting machines will be meaning later starts, the threat is an 8-4 day, so most people will get post in the afternoon soon.
    thanks for stopping by

  3. Oh how dispiriting! Here in France, I hardly receive any mail, so I would be glad of junk....


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