Monday 10 October 2011

Coming of age?

Twenty one years ago tonight I went off to Guides as usual after a busy day shopping in town, pretty much despairing that the huge lump I was carrying around with me was ever going to make their appearance, I was 38-and-a-bit weeks pregnant. Then at 8.45pm I felt this little pop and my waters broke (fortunately not in a gush or anything). Mary (ex-mother-in-law) took me home and we called the ambulance. By the time it arrived I was well in labour and a bit iffy about going anywhere. The ambulance man said he had delivered a baby but never twins. So we went and I swear that the driver hit every pothole down Carrville high street, while I swore at him the entire way.
Tish (Thymian Maria) arrived at 10.40pm and Jacob followed shortly afterwards at 10.55pm, no doctors, no messing around, it was quite a relief after Lewis. The first year went past in a bit of a blur but since then I have always considered it a blessing to have two together as they always had someone to play with, and mostly they played quite nicely:-) Happy Birthday 21 today.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful Tish and Jacob!! What a birth story too! Yay! Take care

  2. Woo! Twenty one - special birthday wishes to Tish and Jacob!

  3. Happy Birthday to them!! (Jacob looks very like you!) And our son Eddie is 17 today - born at 1.57 and weighing in at 9lb4oz!! We've just had a nice meal at that Chorlton institution - Croma - mmmmm yummy!

  4. Wow ... 21 years!! I'm sure the time simultaneously flew by and crept by! They look very close in the photos you showed. And I've always kind of wished I had just had twins just so my son would always have someone to play with.


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