Monday, 10 October 2011

Nice people

people with letterboxes big enough for a large Amazon packet
people who leave their porch door open
people who leave notes saying 'please put packet in recycle box'
people who sensibly have their parcel delivered to their workplace
people who meet you at the village shop and offer to take their post (particularly if they live at an isolated farmhouse)
people with doorbell chimes (particularly christmas carols)
people with lavender in the front garden
people who leave a gap in the fence (or even a gate) between themselves and next door so you don't have to walk up and down the paths again
people who have a box at the end of their very long drive
people who have an old ship's bell as their door bell (the most brilliant sound ever)
people who are always home for parcels
(slightly crazy) people who chase after you down the road to give you a banana (yes, that really happened:-)
people who offer a glass of water on a hot day
people who remember your name
people with cats
people who put signs on their postbox warning you there is a bird's nest inside
people who bring out baby hedgehogs for you to meet
people who let you hold their baby while they sign for a package

(In response to Friday's post so people don't think I am a miserable bugger)

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