Wednesday 12 October 2011


At the Whitworth Art Gallery today Tish, Creature and I went to see the Dark Matters exhibition and we particularly loved this (picture comes from the dark matters website, we wanted to film it but were not sure if it was allowed):
This particular installation was by a group called Brass Art. It was a structure made of tiny transparent figures and cellophane around which a light rotated casting shadows in the surrounding walls. We watched the images move, enlarge, cross over each other and fade; each time the light went round you saw different details and patterns. For several rounds we followed the light (so our own shadows did not get in the way) and then also stood by the entrance. The transparent cellophane made shadows but they had an opaque quality that suggested smoke, and the larger more solid shape in the centre changed, one minute seeming like a protective hand, at others something more threatening to the scene. It was utterly mesmerising and I could quite happily have watched it all afternoon.
Having been a few months ago and been disappointed by the Mary Kelly exhibition, which was merely bewildering, this was most enjoyable and we will definitely go again, it is on til January.

I came home to a new (second hand) copy of 'Bears in the Night'. I have been looking after the Babe on Thursdays for a few weeks and am working on rebuilding my collection of children's books so we have nice things to share with her. She is nearly two and doesn't quite have the attention span for the more sophisticated stories (she was most insistent last week that I could not read The Sneetches, but loves The Elephant and the Bad Baby). In this tale a family of small bears get out of bed and go on an adventure "up Spook Hill", only to encounter something very scary. As Creature and I walked back from the bus stop we were discussing the book (I had ordered it a few days ago) and were pleased that we could remember it in it's entirety: out the window... down the tree ... over the wall... under the bridge... around the lake ... between the rocks... through the woods ...


  1. Baba might also like "The Park in the Dark" and "Goodnight Gorilla" which my daughter loved when age two and my son is fond of, age three. Also, "Jack's Tractor" or "Giraffes Can't Dance"
    and "Peepo"....OK, I'll stop now...

    The shadow installation looks ethereal - I remember years ago in the UK, C4 I think, showed a late night series of animations, somw of which were shadow puppetry ones - love anything like this! Did you see the bit about the Deathly Hallows done in the Potter film? Best bit of the film for me....Gosh, you're getting me in full ramble mode today - lucky you :)

  2. Baba should have read Babe - obviously...... :)

  3. I had forgotten Park in the Dark thank you, it really is a gem. It is so long since i read many toddler books I am having the pleasure of rediscovering them. And then we keep getting annoyed to remember which ones ended up in my ex's garage and Creature tells me he has given them all away! Ah well, an excuse to buy more books:-)
    thanks for stopping by

  4. That does seem like a very original and interesting piece of art. And very dynamic too!

    I love the Berenstain Bears! It was fun to introduce them to my son ... though he thinks he has outgrown them now. (Sob.) And we LOVE the Sneetches! I hope the Babe changes her tune soon!!!

  5. that looks a fascinating exhibition, I must remember to go and see it when I'm next in Manchester

  6. it the interest of rebuilding your children's book collection to keep the babe amused i'm postng you a little present (thought i'd let you know so your not greatly confused when you get a random parcel hehe)
    much loves xxxx


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