Friday, 7 October 2011

Stupid people

people with letterboxes smaller than 3"
people with letterboxes that are above head height (yes it does happen)
people whose letterbox is on upside down (so does that)
people with vertical letterboxes
people with ankle height letterboxes
people with a badly fitted draught excluder on their letterbox which actually prevents things being put through the letterbox (if i had a penny I'd be bloody rich by now ...)
people who design draught excluders for letterboxes
people who design those metal boxes to fix to the wall so you don't have to cut a hole in the front door, mostly they are crap too
people who have dogs who eat the post
people who don't have a warning sign that their dog may be behind the letterbox ready to eat the post
people who have a basket behind the letter box even when they don't have a dog who eats the post
people who have a letter box where the hole behind the flap is smaller than the metal covering it
people with letterboxes so stiff I nearly break my fingers trying to open it
people who have both brushes and a flap inside their letterbox ... WTF!
people with no bell or knocker so I bruise my knuckles
people with a sign saying 'bell not working please knock' ... fix it can't you
people who come to the door after five minutes and say 'sorry I didn't hear you knocking'
people who don't hear you knocking but do strangely hear the card being put through the letterbox

(Had a really crap day and my only consolation is walking round muttering 'stupid people' under my breath for every house that irritates me.)


  1. Oh dear! I am so sorry - I'm guilty of at least erm.. 3 things listed above! *Hangs head in deep shame*!

    Take care

  2. I take it it is your job to deliver letters... ;)

  3. My letterbox is broken :( has no back on, looks like a house for a hedgehog - low enough, too - and is infested with ants and slugs often eat through any post that isn't retrieved within an hour. Is also at the end of my drive. On windy days we go hunting post...

    You made me laugh - hope the smile bounces back at you and you have a better next round!


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