Sunday, 16 August 2015

Flyers, flyers and yet more flyers

Walking the The Royal Mile in Edinburgh during August is not for the faint hearted, even on a damp day it can be quite an ordeal (though fortunately for us the sun shone most of the time). Everyone has a suggestion for how you might like to spend an hour or so of your day. I had browsed the Edinburgh Fringe Festival website quite extensively and had a handy list of things that I thought I might see. As you might imagine, I did not see many of them, because there were so many other, much more exciting things to see.
People turned up with banners, in costume, and with puppets of every shape and size:
From the monotone:
to the vibrant:
to the downright scary:
Some with interesting techniques for staking out their spot:
It is part of Monkey's responsibilities to spend a couple of hours flyering every day (that's Casey, not everyone is so enthusiastic):
Though it is exhausting work, so you do get to take a break:
Flyers, and more flyers
and yet more flyers
inside and outside, on every available surface...
And then you carry them home and use them to repaper the living room.
Coming up next, reviews and recommendations.

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