Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Love Sick at the Edinburgh Fringe

Steve has been one of Monkey's directors at Fourth Monkey so his show was definitely on the list of things to see. At Monkey's insistence we were first in the queue and had prime front row seats. Love Sick is bought to the Fringe by All in Theatre. Steve and Amalia play a couple of aliens, coming to earth to find the answer to their planet's decline and are learning from the human race all about 'love' and its consequent procreation. Using not much more props than what looks like a giant version of a pop-up washing basket and some minimal but very effective audience participation they manage to fall in love and save the day. While it is a clown show and thus very physical it has some very subtle things to say about the human condition. I have not managed to convey one ounce of why this show was so brilliant and hilarious; I think the skill is partly in the absolutely dead-pan performance, never finding themselves funny but staying in character as these slightly naive and curious aliens. Best line had to be, after we had thrown our ping-pong ball 'sperm' to fertilise the egg, he announced, 'Casey is the inseminator!' Playing until the 30th at the Assembly Hall (venue 35) at 7.00pm, don't miss out. (I guess they might be touring with it too, but no mention on their website.)

(Tickets for all events can be booked through the Edfringe website.)

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