Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Streets of Edinburgh

We spent the first couple of days doing a lot of back and forth as we learned our way around, but it was never dull with an ever changing lineup of performers. Some more photos now to give you a taste of the street entertainment. 
Down the Mile there were always people out, from magicians to acrobat acts, often doing a twenty minute spiel to hold the crowd's attention for a thirty second stunt. Here is the bubble man, bewitching passing children with enormous bubbles:
and a girl doing hoola hoops:
Hunter Square on South Bridge seemed to be an official performance space, occupied by a series of performers throughout the day.  
Friday we saw Basketball Man doing stunts in the rain. 
He is one of the performers with the 360 Allstars
Down the Meadow Walk there were musicians, it's more open there with space to loiter or sit on the grass to listen:

We spent quite a bit of time down on the Grassmarket too:

But my favourite street entertainment was being able to walk past the ticket queue, usually half an hour long:
to the 'Friends' booking office. It was worth every penny.
Coming up tomorrow, circus and poetry.

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