Friday, 22 April 2016

S is for Self Portrait

Today's A to Z brings us S, and a selection of self portraits, another subject that has been widely tackled by artists throughout the ages. This first is Zahari Zograf, a leading Bulgarian painter of the nineteenth century.
Wikimedia commons
The second is a famous portrait of van Gogh, painted after his notorious self injury bought on by a psychotic episode.
Wikimedia commons
Thirdly I found this intriguing portrait of an Finnish artist called Maria Wilk (Finnish Wikipedia there she has no article on the British one). 
I just loved her rather suspicious expression.
Wikimedia commons
This final one is of Amedeo Modigliani, an Italian painter who had a distinctive style of elongated faces. He was little recognised during his lifetime, sadly died young and only achieved popularity afterwards.
Wikimedia commons


  1. Enjoying your artwork posts - found you late in this challenge but hey, better late than never! Got you on my Feedly now. (No. 106 on the AtoZ list)

  2. Thanks for sharing the art! What a fun theme for the challenge. I feel like I've missed some very interesting posts!

    A Bit to Read


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