Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z is for Zwillinge

We reach the end of our challenge and on the last day I have this very odd offering: 'Zwillinge' (Twins) by Paul Klee. I have tried to include a variety of styles over the month but had not included much abstract art. Klee is an interesting and unique painter; his wiki page does not label him as belonging to any group or movement but describes his style as being influenced by Surrealism, Cubism and Expressionism. He worked in a huge variety of mediums and developed his own techniques and was often influenced by music and poetry. He was Swiss-German but left Germany in 1933 where his work was decried by the Nazi regime as degenerate art.

Well it has been a very interesting April and I feel like I have learned a lot in order to complete my rather spur of the moment challenge theme. I hope everyone out there in blog-land has had an enjoyable challenge. See you all again next year.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This style of art is usually very difficult for me to wrap my arms around. I'm the one standing at the exhibit reading the little info card near the painting and trying to process it. I guess I should just step back and take it all in. It's hard for me to appreciate it when it looks too much like something I could do myself (but of course I can't - just saying).


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