Monday, 4 April 2016

Sewing and all that (not and A to Z post)

Thanks to the lovely women at the Stitched Up crafty cooperative in Chorlton I finally got my sewing machine serviced; I had taken it apart to try and mess with the tension, and while I had not made it any worse I had not fixed it either. Monkey and I paid a visit to Leons down Barlow Moor Road where I found some lovely pink and green tie dyed/batiked fabric. Yesterday morning I finally got around to sewing up the pieces that I had cut out several weeks ago. This top is created with Burda pattern 6731. I mixed and matched a bit, making the shortest length but using the short cap sleeves and using the contrast fabric to make the bias neck edging as well as the side panels (the nice lady at Leons gave the me extra half a yard to the end of the roll).

It came together in about three hours, it is really simple construction and the slip stitching the neckline took longer than most everything else. All in all I am really pleased with it. Next up ... home made knickers!

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