Monday, 4 May 2020

100 Days - 9 (nine)

Osprey cam entertained today me when Louis randomly bought a huge twig back and then struggled to find a good spot for it. Other than that had a kind of meh day. You know what I mean; you start off thinking you will achieve something and then you just sit and play Words With Friends instead. I was going to hoover and then disinfect all the surfaces, door handles, light switches etc that I have done a few times over the last few weeks in a pathetic attempt to make like I am taking the virus thing seriously. I mean I never went out anywhere anyway and I still have to go to work so what can I do to prove that it is important. We have a sign up to remind everyone to wash their hands when they come in but I don't actually believe that I will catch covid19 from the egg box I picked up in Asda. I walk over to the park and the world is superficially exactly as normal, then I get there and I don't hold Dunk's hand as we walk round because I, being the person in contact with others, might be the one to make him ill. Julie and AJ came over on their bikes to bring rhubarb and stood in the road while we chatted, and there was nothing weird about it. It is all so surreal and mundane at the same time. 
Like this:

Stay safe. See you tomorrow. 
p.s. we found the puzzle piece, but it was after we put it away.

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