Tuesday, 5 May 2020

100 Days - day ten blog post

Here is a blog post about not having anything to write a blog post about. I can't let myself off the hook or I will abandon the 100 Days project, and it's late and there is not time to finish the book review post I started this morning. I made some red pepper hummus, but it lacks a certain something that the hummus from Unicorn has. I wanted to try and eat nutritious stuff for lunch this week rather than bagels with peanut butter which is my go to lunch when I can't be bothered to plan. Tish and I made baklava yesterday and I took some of that too, to balance out all the veggies in the hummus wraps:

There are now various goslings on the pond, and Tish reported seeing more cootlings too. No sign of any of the ducks making babies though. 
We ordered pizza for dinner because nobody could be bothered to cook. I was kind of saving getting takeaways until people might get sick and not be able to go out, but nobody is sick and being not bothered is the next best excuse. 

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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  1. So agree about the takeaways. Plus I've been using the excuse - er - REASON: we're supporting these local businesses who've had to close to take-out only, and have lost the majority of their business because of that.

    Thanks for posting today - you're inspiring me to have my own try at 100Daysto Offload

    AND - your baklava looks scrumptious!


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