Thursday 7 May 2020

100 Days - twelfth day Tree joy

I gathered rather a lot of tree seeds during the autumn and did not plant most of them. (Not beating myself up about that.) Some that did get planted were left to their own devices in the yard over the winter. (Not beating myself up about that either.) Most of the pots have weeds in them. Last week I swear there was only weeds in this one... but I went outside this morning and found three little oak trees (one on the right is very tiny). Much joy. 

On the subject of trees, here are two of my avocado trees. You know all those complicated instructions for sprouting an avocado stone, involving suspending it over water for weeks waiting for a root to emerge? Well just forget all that nonsense. These were grown by just pushing the stones into some compost and watering occasionally. The third pot on the left there has a mango pit in it. When I cut it open there was a tiny sprout coming from it so I have planted it in the hope that we may get a mango tree at some point.

Today's Book To Make You Think: New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani from 2013

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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