Saturday, 2 May 2020

100 Days - day seven

The world is packed with people on bikes and baby animals. Today in Platt Field park it was squirrel kittens in the hollow of a huge dead tree. I had only commented a few days ago how you never see baby squirrels, only grown up ones, and there I am, proved wrong yet again. Dunk and I broke from our routine and went down to the Floop, then up Wilmslow road, across Platt Field and back along Claremont to my road, covering nearly 4 miles.

We have had to do our most recent puzzle on the floor because it is more square, and too big to fit on the back on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Lyra is already known for her puzzle piece stealing proclivities so we made a vain attempt to prevent her messing with the half completed puzzle over night, but when I came down this morning to make tea this was how I found her:
We spent the afternoon listening to 1984 by George Orwell on Youtube. It was depressing to read the number of recent comments saying how life under the coronavirus is just like a totalitarian state, as if people didn't actually listen to or understand the story at all. The scene quite close to the beginning of the 'two minutes hate' was chilling, and reminded me unpleasantly of the atmosphere at some Trump rallies where he got people riled up against Hilary Clinton. People forget that Orwell was not writing about the future but about what he thought was already happening in society. Big Brother really is watching you, you just call it Alexa.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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