Sunday, 21 June 2020

100 Days - 44 I'm still here

It's been a meh week. The days have been long and rather soggy, and I have just been tired. I kept thinking I would write something but not being able to raise the enthusiasm. We had upped our game with the puzzles and I bought a 2000 piece one (sorry can't find link to website). Mostly the pictures are very naff if you try to go bigger, lots of chocolate box cottages and sky, but this one is a fab collage of animals.

Meet Julian, and all his friends. I thought a new name was important to acknowledge my neglect and to start anew with a different routine and better care:
Got back from collections a bit earlier this Sunday so after a recovery cuppa I got around to a bit of pottering. Claire sent some flower seeds and I potted up the basil seedling and some chilli seeds we got years ago from Wahaca. Sat for a while and just enjoyed the fact that everything is looking lush. Going this week to get paint for the walls, then the pond plan can get moving.
I sawed up one of the old pallets that we are going to make into a bug hotel, and then put up these willow trellises that Monkey and I found in Poundland.

Meanwhile, the bay tree is determined that you can't keep a good tree down:

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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