Friday, 26 June 2020

100 Days - six and 40 Sneak Peek

First off, just look at the Osprey chicks!!!

I have a very sore knuckle from lots of scrubbing and scraping, but things are coming on, despite the unbearable heat. Sneak peek at the walls, taken at twilight:
The walls had to be scraped down with wire brushes to remove loose debris (Monkey did help with that bit). Then I scrubbed them clean, then rinsed off. Rode all the way to B&Q Tuesday morning to get the paint. I started painting in the afternoon but it was so hot the paint was drying before I could spread it out so I gave up and did some more after dinner. Tish painted early on Wednesday and I finished off last night.
Walls need another coat but it's too hot again today so I scrubbed the green mouldy bits off the back gate so it can be 'treated' (I know you come here for the way exciting photographs):
Another sneak peek at what, hopefully by next week, will be our mini pond:
I can just see that when it's all done the weather will go into steep decline and be too miserable to sit out. I think I may have killed the basil seedlings. I risked putting them outside and it was too hot for them. We got our 'thanks for working so hard in the lockdown' bonus this week; I think the garden centre beckons.

Stay safe. See you at some time in the next couple of days (maybe).

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