Wednesday 10 June 2020

100 Days - the big four oh

Came back from my walk this morning to find Monkey most distressed because she felt the tiny chick was not getting their fair share, so we had to watch carefully for several minutes to check that Aila was feeding them all. See how much they have grown already.
This one taken in the park on Sunday trying to capture the drifting tree seeds that had looked like a snow storm the other week before the rain dampened it down. Mainly it just captures the evening light and the lovely shades of green.
Pigeon and squirrel on a tree stump (just because).
Sadly many of the baby birds have not made it. The cootlings have all gone despite one pair appearing to get back on the nest and having another chick. One of the three cygnets died, and then I panicked this morning when we saw only one swimming. Fortunately the other was snoozing on the log while its other parent preened.
And then, surprise surprise, we spotted a duckling. Loads of ducks on the lake but none had seemed interested in reproducing. Tish has taken to going to Platt Fields where the lake is bigger and there are loads of babies.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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