Monday, 8 June 2020

100 Days - nine and 30 : got to keep posting

People on the 30 Days Wild facebook group keep posting lovely photos of moths and spiders with egg sacs and striking flowers and unusual birds, and videos of moose giving birth in their garden. It's lovely but it makes my life feel drab. Here are four 'wild' cats having a bit of a standoff in the back alley, it's the best that Moss Side has to offer in the way of wildlife. Scrawny pigeons and raucous magpies dominate everywhere, the lone robin didn't sit still long enough for me to take a picture.
Which is kind of at odds with the rest of the day because I worked my day off and went on delivery down the bottom end of Didsbury and had a lovely leafy walk along the edge of the Mersey River. I did my second Sunday of collecting test kits yesterday, and having mastered the navigation app on the PDA I had a very stress-free shift and felt I was making some positive contribution, but it feels hard to hold on to it and I mostly come home at the end and just slump. Also confused by my inability to pull myself together.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Martine, I have great admiration for you and the way you've kept at this project.

    Since I was going to try to emulate you, I checked out Dunk's post about it. I was surprised to find that I have a WHOLE YEAR to do the 100 posts.

    Now I'm not sure what would be more effective: every day as you're doing and keeping up the forward motion, or taking it at a more relaxed pace, with the danger of losing momentum.

    Which do you recommend?


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