Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Garden progress and upcycle

Got up early. Day started badly when I found that I had killed all the Daves. They had been neglected recently and their home had become too wet and compacted. I cleared out all the old rotting food and cleaned the worm bin, and have ordered new worms. Won't beat myself up about it. I planted out the plants I bought last week. The clematis and two others are in the side flower bed alongside the honeysuckle and it is looking transformed already. The Russian sage is in a big pot.
Lots of tiny wildflowers are slowly emerging in various other pots:

About six months ago someone on Derby Road put this doll's bed out by the bins. I had walked passed it dozens of time, but on Saturday I looked at it and thought, 'that would make a brilliant planter', so when I finished the walk I went back and picked it up. Tish and I visited Hulme Community Garden Centre again on Sunday and, rather than get flowers that I had wanted, we bought some herbs. I am completely thrilled with our lovely little herb garden. I tidied and swept the yard and was going to buy paint, but then the rain started again and it's a long bike ride to B&Q so I think that may be another day.

More tree joy. On closer inspection we have a fourth oakling:
And... and... the mango stone in the kitchen is now a baby mango tree!:

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