Monday 1 June 2020

100 Days - threety three : wild days

I decided to join the 30 Days Wild challenge with the Wildlife Trust. It started badly going out to the yard this morning and realising, apart from the oak trees, all the pots just had weeds in them. Sorting inside the house has been very all consuming and despite assistance from Claire and Julie, and a lovely bench from mum, the outside has not improved much.
The other day mum sent me a honeysuckle because I had said how much that was something I wanted in the garden, but it was drying out by the back door. So I took the plunge and decided, with much chagrin, to cut down the bay tree. As you can see it was pretty big, and though I pruned it back last year, this spring it had taken over this space completely. Fortunately I managed to pick the day that the bins had been emptied so I have disposed of most of the carnage. Why does gardening for me always seem to consist of chopping stuff down rather than growing stuff?
The yard is now huge! I also took out another large sprawling thing that was tangled in with all the nice flowering stuff. Much sawing and sweating in the sun. The stump is more than handbreadth across, and I am not going to try and remove it.
Managed to not cut myself too badly:
Duly planted the honeysuckle (Tish bought a trowel a few weeks ago, so it was finally christened today):
Then I made a cup of tea and watched the bees. The bees have been giving me much joy, what with, you know, bees dying and all that.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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