Tuesday 13 June 2023

Extra bee delight

Today's bee delight was several red-tailed bumblebees. All the others were around too, lots of honey bees. I managed to catch a photo of the elusive furrow bee, he is pretty tiny and doesn't sit still for very long. You can compare the size as they are both sitting on the same kind of flower:
Then in watching the ones on the window sill I spotted this new delight:
It is a phacelia that I grew from seed this year. The flowers are tiny but have these lovely long stamen. I think this plant was the only seedling that survived my neglect (or overwatering as the case may be). 
And two pale yellow poppies growing with the plum tree are also wonderful:
Stay safe. Be kind. Protect your shoulders, wear a shawl in the sunshine.


  1. I've not seen many red tailed bees this year so far. In fact very few insects at all most of the year.

  2. Phacelia is so pretty. We grow it, not as green manure, but just because we like it.


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