Thursday 15 June 2023

Trees for 30 Days Wild


We went away on a magical mystery tour last week to visit the deep south, ending up at the Eden Project in Cornwall. It was a wonderful place, full of information about the planet, both the damage we are inflicting, the work that is being done to repair it and the resilience of natural environments. The two domes are a mediterranean one and a rainforest one. The tree above is an ancient olive tree (presumably transplanted as the place is only 22 years old) and was my favourite on in the first dome. Tish took the picture below showing the contrasting lushness of the rainforest dome.
As I mentioned the other day it was most disconcerting to walk along the wildflower meadow and see nary a bee. It felt a scary sign of the magnitude of the decline of insect populations that somewhere like the Eden Project was not humming with bees. I may have to go and sit outside for a bit now to make myself feel better.
Stay safe. Be kind. Show the trees some love today.


  1. Bees will become a prized commodity. For some time now people have been stealing hives.

  2. Interestingly the majority of bees are solitary and dont live in hives. I do know that in lots of places now you can literally hire hives of bees to come and pollinate your fields.


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