Monday 3 October 2022

B is for Blue Bin

To blue bin or not to blue bin, that is the question?
I was once reprimanded for leaving a package in a blue bin. The customer had gone away, and their neighbour very helpfully put their bins out for them. I promised the manager I would never do it again. Then he left so I felt my promise to be discharged. Some customers come in and complain ... why did the postman just not leave it in the blue bin, then I wouldn't have to come and pick it up. They complain even harder if they requested it was left and then it was not left. Some customers come in with the words 'packet left in blue bin' on their P739 card, which they have not bothered to read (don't get me started). And then some people come in and complain that they did not want their packet left. We can't win. The blue bin is considered safe by quite a high proportion of posties. I have always felt it is a matter of judgement where you might leave a package safely for a customer, some people will never leave one anywhere. Use of a 'safe place', even one specified on the package, is at the discretion of the postie, as they are responsible for the delivery. So, the message is, if you want your package left somewhere safe, leave a note on your front door; while your regular guy may know your habits and preferences, they may be sick or on leave.
(Disclaimer: this A to Z is not official Royal Mail advice, except by coincidence.)

Stay safe. Be kind. Get a flu jab.

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