Saturday 8 October 2022

C is for Christmas

I started working for Royal Mail a week before Christmas. This meant that what I was told would be a 1.30pm finish was actually a 4pm finish. It is kind of mind boggling how a business can magically absorb a 100% increase in it's workload over a very short period of time, and yet somehow, most of the time, we manage to get the cards and pressies (not to mention the chocolate advent calendars) where they are supposed to be. I like this time of year because, despite the workload, there is a nice atmosphere in the office and a sense that we are integral to enjoyment of the season. And I've been working hard on the home-made paper chains to decorate the office. As you may be aware we are currently experiencing an industrial dispute. This is likely to be ongoing, up to, but not including, (because we don't want to lose the support of the general public) the Christmas period. So the advice, as always, is to get organised and buy your pressies early. Don't leave things to the last minute. 
And while we're on the subject, Christmas wrapping paper is not suitable for sending items through the post. It's another thing I have mentioned before. It's not robust enough and will arrive in tatters. We may very well return to the subject of packaging later in the A to Z.

C is also for Chronic Understaffing, which appears to be the (deliberate?) policy of senior management. 10% of roles in our office are currently vacant and there is a moratorium on recruitment while we are in dispute (extending the moratorium that was in place over the summer). One aspect of the dispute is the sickness cover and the claim by management that sickness rates are very high. Their response to this 'situation' is to put staff under further stress by overworking everyone. I fail to see the logic. But then I am just a lowly postie. 
(Disclaimer: this A to Z is not official Royal Mail advice, except by coincidence.)

Stay safe. Be kind. Plan ahead.

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