Monday 10 October 2022

D is for Dogs

1,673 dog attacks were reported on postmen and postwomen last year. It's a fairly steady figure over time I believe. I have been bitten, hard enough to leave a mark, three times in my career to date. In the worst case scenario deliveries can be suspended to an address with an aggressive dog and the customer obliged to call and collect their mail. Quite a high proportion happen on the doorstep, where people open the door without first securing their animal. During the summer months people often leave their doors open giving their dogs free access to the garden. We are advised not to enter a garden is there is any concern an animal might be loose. I am suspicious of the people who announce that their dog is lovely and not to be concerned; it is best to be cautious of all dogs and never assume they are friendly. 
Just keep them under control, it's not hard.

But look, apricot tree seedlings, nuts planted mere weeks ago, from fruit that we ate earlier in the summer:

Stay safe. Be kind. Plant a tree.

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