Tuesday 11 October 2022

E is for Empty Space


Royal Mail are making grand claims about their 'Steps to Zero' and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of packets, but they are doing little to address overpackaging that endemic across many companies. Tiny items are regularly packed into unnecessarily large boxes adding to transportation costs and thus carbon footprint. I regularly suggest to customers that they complain when they collect a huge box that is mostly empty space, but have no idea of anyone ever does. 
This was my experience buying a camera a decade ago, and the situation has not improved.
Worst offenders are Adidas and Rebok, who send pairs of trainers in a box large enough for a small child to hide in, though Amazon and The Hut Group are also awful:
Challenge companies if you receive things that are over packaged, don't just shrug and recycle.

Stay safe. Be kind. Buy less stuff.

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