Saturday 28 November 2009

a bit of spinning

Having mooched around for a couple of days I am trying not to waste the last bit of sick leave so I dug out some roving yesterday to try out a little experiment I had been thinking of. It is distinctly amateurish, broken in places, fuzzy in places, lumpy in places and very uneven, but I kind of like it. It is spun (still on the drop spindle) mainly in a very dark blue merino with little scraps of leftover colour added randomly in by hand. Some are little tiny and some quite long, some one colour at a time and some have two or three twisted in together. It's not very long, maybe 50g, (I'm not sure if some of the 100g I started with had been used for something else) and measured by my "approximately 1 metre each wrap round the table" method it is about 75 metres, so we are probably talking a skinny scarf-let.
p.s that's Holly, the anti-social cat.


  1. What an interesting and diverse blog! Glad I found your space here!! The colors of the yarn are just beautiful.

  2. Spinning feels as if it would be blissful. I don't have space for a spinning wheel, but one day... :)


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