Thursday 5 November 2009

what have we been up to recently

In celebration of her freedom to do so M finally got round to dyeing her hair pink. She was waiting until after the Youth Musical Theatre group did their performance so that she didn't look too outrageous on stage. She doesn't relish being photographed but luckily for me she does still relish the occasional cuddle. It's only semi-permanent and she's thinking of turquoise next.
Having had a lull for nearly a year now on the knitting of socks (I did a pair for each member of my family for last Christmas and regretted the decision as the weeks flashed by and the last posting day arrived leaving me mere hours to get them in the post!) so I finally got out the last ball that Julie bought me as a Christmas present, just fabulous colours from Violet Green, and here they are. There was this little ball remaining so now baby has a pair to match too.
They look a funny shape there as I made the leg tightly ribbed so they grip properly, and they fit just perfect.


  1. love the hair. Dyig tips, pinks purples, red and apple gree hold very well, lues need a little more attention tending to lose the lustre quicker. She will defo need bleach to have a good blue.

  2. Love the socks and the matching baby ones are so sweet!

  3. Love the pink, my daughter did hers over summer break a couple of years ago, we had to return it normal colour to go back to school. I like the idea of blue, I used to do mine blue but it definaetely needed bleaching first.


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