Saturday 7 November 2009

Work in progress

Am stranded at home due to minor medical incident (the baby socks were knitted during extended wait in hospital) and since it may be at least another week I thought I would start something more substantial. This fabulous lace weight merino/silk blend was a birthday gift from Julie and I confess the thought of knitting with something so fine was a little daunting, however I did find this lovely simple pattern on Ravelry that I used to make a birthday scarf for my sister from my home-spun and decided to use it again. Lots of knitting bloggers seem to add 'work in progress' pictures so I thought it might encourage me to keep going if I admitted to having started it, then I would feel duty bound to post again and prove it has been finished. We are having a Gilmore Girls marathon to accompany the knitting, though M is going to make a start on her Italian, having returned from holiday there with a new-found enthusiasm for languages.

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