Sunday 8 November 2009

more cute baby and all that

The cutest baby enjoying the benefits of the most lovely
And the strangest bunch of kids. I keep wondering why mine didn't turn out at cute as Julie's. Tish in her very goth stage, Lewis when he still wore a bandana (which he did constantly, and I mean constantly, for several years), Jacob without the hair, and M hasn't changed much, except height-wise, she still hates having her photo taken.
Dad sent me this photo yesterday though it is several years old.


  1. They only start off cute...and you are only being so complimentary because A has made us all go soft :-)

    That photo doesn't seem that long ago. And these days my M is wearing your M's shirt...and pulling faces in it!

  2. I found cuteness wore off after about the eighth sleepless night. I'm still waiting for them to be cute again and they are in their thirties...


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