Tuesday 24 November 2009

Christmas is upon us:-(

So we know Christmas is on it's way in our house when my first card arrives. This comes the last week of November every year from the Chairman of Royal Mail with a couple of sheets of first class stamps (a small Christmas perk) and then I have to give in to the fact that we are in for a busy few weeks. Add to that I caught M on Sunday morning watching Christmas pop music on the telly, so I gave in and sat with her for a while to watch a few old favourites.
I am finally pretty much ready to go back to work. Having been off for three weeks now I reflected that this is has been the longest stretch in which I have sat about and done nothing since I was pregnant with Lewis 22 years ago. It has been nice to spend some time with my girls, but it is very easy to get used to the free time and the nice lie in, not a good habit for a postlady.


  1. Well I can tell you have had lots of free time lately. I just popped by and can't even read everythgn, cuz teh baby is crying now....bye

  2. My first Christmas card arrives - without fail - on 1st December. It comes from a former colleague (one of those really organised folk). It reminds me that it's time to start thinking about Christmas!!!

  3. Oh the things I think about Christmas of late are nigh unprintable. Yet it will come and it will go and of the two movements I will be glad to see the backside of the latter.

    I am in a quandry this time of year between a willingness to give a bit of something to them on the "nice" list or not. Despite appearences I only look like Santa Claus, but then I do so like to give a bit of whatever...maybe if I got me some perky stamps?

    Me thinks it is the seasonal music and the advertising of the holiday well before Halloween this year that has put my nose out of joint, because I know next year the retailers will start before the 4th of July inundating the mass ind with "jingo" Bells.

    By the by Hello.


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