Friday, 20 November 2009

We call 'em dungarees

If you pop over to the Bibfessor you can read all about International Overalls Day, which is today. Now I have been a long term fan of dungarees, as we call them here in the UK. I got my first (grown up) pair at Browns of Chester when I was about 11, I think. I remember them well as I sewed a particularly fetching 'I love you' heart shaped patch on the back pocket and they were my favourite piece of clothing for some years. Then in my teenage years I had a cream coloured pair (I hope is it not blasphemous to have non denim ones) which I proceeded to dye pink. Since then I went on and off wearing them. My current collection consists of some lovely stripy multicoloured ones made in Nepal, some patchwork pink/purple ones from Bishopston Trading Company (both pretty old and well worn now) and this pair that came from ebay. I think they appeal to the ageing hippy in me who has a tendency to resist looking 'smart'.

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  1. Hi Martine, thanks for the post on my blog and for sure, one should not infer rules for colors of overalls, on the contrary ! Personally I prefer the blue, good for gardening etc., but I have black ones for Christmas and parties! and as an ageing hippie I completely agree on not trying to look smart, but I also like your white ones together with the other colors, so have a nice colorful overalls evening all the best from bibprofessor in Tromsø, Norway where overalls are called for carpenters trousers in Norwegian


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