Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G is for Grovel

The ground smelt acrid and the fine grit prickled his face, but when he tried to raise his body a weight on his back kept him down. He didn't remember falling out of the car, but, he reasoned, he must have done. He must be trapped under the wreckage. He could see light behind; Danny must have seen the crash and stopped. It would be ok, he would get someone to help. He twitched his fingers and toes tentatively, there was no pain, he couldn't be badly hurt. But as he watched the light seemed to fade to a low red glow and then there was utter darkness. The weight on his back lifted but he sensed something beside him. The red glow returned and a large misshapen foot landed by his nose and a voice suddenly close to his ear growled,
"Stay there."
A massive hideous creature was standing above him, glaring down from smouldering black eyes. The air was rent by a torturous scream and the thing bellowed, belching fire and ash from its throat. He realised it was laughing, and he no longer dared to rise.

(Words for my flash fiction A to Z supplied spontaneously by Monkey)
(Linking back to the A to Z challenge)


  1. Stopping by from the #atozchallenge !

    Very nice. I like it.

  2. Love it! Followed you from a comment on another A to Z blog, as I'm doing some random hopping... love it when it leads to this!

    Curling Stones for Lego People


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