Sunday, 13 April 2014

K is for Kinetic

Elspeth replaced the last figurine in its spot and stood back satisfied. Everything was ready. The cushions were plumped, the table polished and the shortbread baked. She took off her overall, hung it on the back of the kitchen door and made her way carefully up the stairs. She put on her favourite mauve blouse and the brooch that Bill had given her for their silver wedding anniversary and checking her reflection in the mirror she tucked a stray curl back into place. She felt a flutter of anxiety; her son James was bringing his daughters over and the visit just had to go well, it had been such a long time. She had never quite understood what she might have done to offend his wife, but offence had surely been taken and that had been that. Back in the kitchen she realised she had left the milk jug out on the side since breakfast time. She sniffed the jug and it had a hint of sour about it. There was barely time but she had to buy fresh. She slipped on her shoes and hurried down to the corner shop. As she came back round the corner she could see them gathered on the pavement outside the house. She raised her hand and called out a greeting. The two children turned and waved at her and called out 'Nanna'. Clutching the bottle of milk she hurried across to them, arms open wide. She did not even hear the van that hit her.

(Words for my flash fiction A to Z supplied spontaneously by Monkey.)
(Late again, sorry, will try harder this week.)
(Linking back to the A to Z challenge)


  1. That was very sad, more so because it is so believable. I love the name Elspeth as well! Great to meet you here on the #AtoZChallenge.

  2. This was a great piece! Your descriptions really drew me in and painted a believable picture without being too wordy. I really did not expect the ending! How sad :( I hope she recovers!


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