Friday, 11 April 2014

I is for Ignition

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After Kate fastened her seatbelt she rubbed her sleeve vigorously on the steamed up window and looked back at the front door. Her mum stood with her arms wrapped around herself, watching and keeping up the encouraging smile that had been there since first light. There hadn't been as much to pack as she had thought; clothes, books and dvd's all in random bags and boxes, and an assortment of second hand kitchen equipment jumbled in with bags of pasta and tins of beans. It had drizzled continuously so each box was carried out at a swift dash and dumped unceremoniously in the back of the car. 
"Call me later, just to let me know how you're settling in," her mum said, giving her a brusque hug. She stepped back then reached out briefly to tuck in a strand of hair that had escaped her pony tail. 
Sitting behind the wheel Kate gave a little wave, then started the engine.

(Words for my flash fiction A to Z supplied spontaneously by Monkey.)
(Sorry for the lateness, just had a tiring day at work yesterday.)
(Linking back to the A to Z challenge)

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