Friday, 18 April 2014

Monkey socks for Fibre Arts Friday (not an A to Z post)

After finishing the Monkey jumper a few weeks ago I used some of the remaining yarn to knit Monkey a pair of socks to match. They were done to the Violet Green Waving Not Drowning pattern, not that I had a copy but it is one of Julie's favourites (and she's having a sock knitting year) so she simply told me the four row pattern repeat, it's so simple but looks very effective. I thought I had made them long enough to come over the top of her DM's but never mind. And here she is wearing them *on the wrong feet* :-) I recently discovered a pattern for a bow tie online and so she has been doing some sewing (don't ask me to explain, she just wanted a bow tie ok) and now has quite an extensive collection; this one goes quite nicely with the jumper I thought.
Joining in again with Fibre Arts Friday, pop over and admire some other creations.


  1. She looks like she has fun with her clothes...that is awesome...great socks and sweater...

  2. Yes she sure does know her style :)

  3. The bow tie is actually the first thing my eye went to...maybe that's because I need to make three of them and haven't started yet. Must be my guilty conscience. I have found a pattern on-line as well, but that's as far as I got. Thanks for sharing...maybe it will kick start my project.

  4. LOL! The wrong feet. How can you tell? Love the ensemble!

  5. Love the sweater and the socks... especially ones that go together but don't match. :-)

  6. LOVE the bow tie! The socks are sassy. If it's the Monkey pattern I'm thinking of, then it must have bee a fun knit too.


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