Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Read-a-thon cometh

Hello fellow readers, how goes the reading? We are quarter of the way through already, where has the time gone. Here is our read-a-thon cake ... it's supposed to look like a table with books and tea and cookies. We are currently waiting for dinner to arrive.
Monkey has been reading 'Cell' by Stephen King and having reached page 232 she has decided to take a break and try something else for a bit ... Mansfield Park perhaps?
I am reading 'The Martian' by Andy Weir, and have reached page 216. It is all very exciting so far, though there is a touch too much complex maths going on, explaining how to 'make' water and calculating how many calories he will need until the next mission arrives to rescue him. Things go from bad to worse but he is pretty resourceful.  I am going to stick with this until the bitter end, though I am guessing there is going to be some major heroics some time soon (I think the film will be excellent.)


  1. Wow, The Martian sounds really interesting and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. 170 pages and you're done. you can do it :D

  2. Awesome cake! I knew what it was before reading the description. May have to try decorating a book cake some day.

    And wow. 24 hour readathon. I've never tried that before. hmmm

  3. Is the sweet love lost?
    Does every freedom have a cost?
    Is the dragon freed?
    To find out you have to read read read.

    Hi there,
    We are on the 9th hour of this read-a-thon and I really hope what you are having a great time and enjoying everything.

    I’ve just finished my first Read-a-thon book myself: Starters by Lissa Price. It was so great I would recommend it to everyone out there. <3

    Hang in there and keep reading, we’re cheering for you all the way through!

  4. Well if you told me there was gonna be cake! Sorry not to join you but have had a good day out on the bike with A and A, then a productive afternoon cleaning and sorting, and a trip to the cinema. 3 things I don't normally do. ;-) I am still reading The Devil That Danced on the Water.


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