Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Magnificent Book Balancing Mini Challenge

Welcome Read-a-thon Participants.
It's been a long night. Now it's time to get on your feet and act a little crazy. But whatever you do don't put your book down. You might need the assistance of a friend or, failing that, you'll have to master the timer thingy on your camera, you know you always meant to learn how to do it and now's your chance. 

Take your book, or even more than one if you're feeling daring, and balance it carefully on some part of your anatomy. Quick take a photo before it falls.

Post your picture somewhere, on your blog or your Facebook page or wherever. Sign up with the Linky and please leave a comment below, and all the other participants can come and see your contortions. 

Monkey insists that the prize has to go to the most inventive pose, so we will give careful consideration to every picture, and then very probably draw someone at random. 

 The prize will be this beautiful batik cotton tote bag, hand made by yours truly, and just perfect for popping out to the library or your local bookshop. 
(I am happy to post anywhere in the world so don't be shy about entering.) 
This challenge will run until 10am British Summer Time (three hours).
Challenge closed now, thanks everyone for joining in. The prize was won by Ashley.


  1. Fun challenge!

  2. Thank you for hosting; what a beautiful tote! I am not very original or creative, but I did just take a picture of myself at 2am, which doesn't often happen. :)

  3. Fun! I posted the pic on Instagram/Twitter :D Great challenge, thanks!

  4. Here is my entry

  5. Posted on my blog: (link submitted above)

    Also tweeted:

  6. Here's the picture on my Instagram:

  7. Omg I love it! Love the different books and poses :)

  8. your bag is gorgeous!
    love your creativity =)

  9. Thanks for the minichallenge!!

  10. That is SO great, thank you for hosting a mini-challenge! You have done such a great job this read-a-thon. Are you still with us the last three hours? I hope so! <3

  11. This was both fun & frustrating. I used Tumblr to try to take the photo and let me just tell you 5 seconds is not enough time to get into position & get your books balanced! :( My photo didn't turn out the way I planned, but oh well! I tried, at least. :)


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