Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Cornflower Joy

 Cornflower joy:
Funny how some things grow and some things don't. I have no explanation. 
I planted some more basil seeds last week. Here they are:
and this one was planted maybe three months ago:
I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I should just go and get one from the supermarket and have done with it.
The cucamelons, that I got so excited about, (when I say cucamelons, I mean cucamolon, since only one plant is still alive) were planted two months ago:
We harvested our tiny chilli and put it in the curry, no more of the flowers are doing anything:
However, left totally to their own devices, the strawberry babies are finding new homes with the bunch onions:
I planted out some salvias from Marshalls (don't judge me, they are having a sale ... and I will not waste money on plug plants next year, will wait till June and buy bigger ones cheaper) and having a cuppa at the same time. Not sure this is what they mean when they talk about compost tea:-)
And I found a determined little sproutling in the bucket of worm compost; it is most likely a pepper plant but we will see (assuming I manage to keep it alive):
Stay safe. Be kind. Drink your tea first, open compost second.

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