Friday, 4 June 2021

Flowers for day 4


This is an ajuga, loves damp and dappled shade. It was hidden under the huge fern and only just noticed it had come into flower.
These irises were bought last year and poked randomly into the bed. I had forgotten about them. They have been long leafy stalks for several weeks but the sunshine finally opened them up:
This pink (red?) campion (not sure, they are very similar) must have been in the wild flower bee bombs that were planted last year. There was a disappointing show with a few poppies but not much else, but several other things have popped up in pots this spring that have been lovely:
The viola were also grown from seed last year but had remained scrawny little plants that overwintered in a small pot looking mostly dead. I potted them up this spring and they have come on a storm, lots of flowers in several different shades of purple:
Have been pottering and rearranging things over the last week. Found a sixth even tinier oakling among the new ones. Potted some up that were in too small pots, and have made them into a tiny forest:

Stay safe. Be kind. Love the flowers.

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  1. If memory serves me correctly, your ajuga should spread well. Thanks for the lovely pics of your garden. :-)


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