Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Day two - 30 days wild


Yesterday was the start of 30 Days Wild and I was too busy in the garden to post anything.
Lovely bees buzzed excitedly, and noisily, in the dog rose.
And then Tish spotted a dreaded Rosemary beetle. If you find any the RHS have a survey page where the spread of the beetle is being studied. They are so pretty we didn't want to squash it so she took it to the park. (I mean slugs are pretty ugly but I don't want to squash them either, I'm not prejudiced).
Things are progressing in the garden but we had some nasty orange rust mildew on the lovely pink flowers that the bees like so much, and I had to just chop down two big patches of it. I hope it will come back as it seems to come from multitudinous rhizomes all along the side bed. I am waiting for everything to look lush and flowerful to make a little video.

Stay safe. Be kind. Do something Wild.

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