Saturday, 19 June 2021


 So much potential, am trying to enjoy the things that are out but can't help focussing on the ones waiting to bloom. Sleepy bee on the sunflower when I came out with my tea this morning:
Cornflowers so so nearly blooming. I have grown these from seed and so thrilled.

Sunflowers probably still a way off. One had grown all wonky so I tied it to a stake to help it go upwards. Also from seed:
Buddleia, nearly in bloom too:
Something in Julia's trough waiting to burst forth:
The tiny alpine strawberries are ripening but these are ordinary ones, still a way to go yet:

Stay safe. Be kind. Good things come to those who are impatient (in the end).
the pink oxalis that I had to chop down is back😌

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  1. I can't believe that it is solstice next week. Where has this year gone - so much of it lost - but I guess nature proceeds regardless


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