Monday 28 June 2021

Squid Squad


'Squid Squad' by Matthew Welton was picked up in the novels section of Waterstones on the basis of the first page, and while I very much enjoyed the word play of the first 64 pages I felt that it was merely word play, and because the happenings were random it didn't progress in any meaningful way, as I kind of expected, and what started out as delightful became repetitive and a little boring as I went along. Sorry. 

Nerys Harris pinches out her birthday
candles. Dustin Mostyn's wristwatch rusts.
Someone's removed the clapper from Bradley
Ridley's bell. The rungs of the wooden ladder
rot in the rain.

As Natalie Chatterley tugs the rope towards
her, the bucket edges further away. The 
melon seeds swell in the swallows' guts.
Doubt deepens like a sleepy river, Nerys
Harris supposes.

Dustin Mostyn mimes the action of
knocking at a door. Wistfulness wears down,
thinks Lola Wheeler, like the workings of
the wind.

Bradley Ridley's mittens shrink in the drizzle.
A beetle scuttles between the bricks. On the 
tree in Lola Wheeler's yard, luminescent
lemons appear." 

But I did also enjoy very much some of the other poems. Lemons appear in several of them, much to my amusement. It felt like a theme. They are gently witty and again use a lot of word play and alliteration. The book ends with this gem:

Poem for Laurie Clark
a lemon

I am still glad that I picked it up, because it is always good to come across writers doing unusual stuff with words, experiments make the world a more interesting place.

Stay safe. Be kind. Eat some (lemon) cake.

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