Thursday, 10 June 2021

What's new in the garden today

 New things popping up all over.
Perennial wallflowers sent by mum:
Strawberry plants covered in potential deliciousness:
Little sage plant putting out some flowers:
Don't know what this is, but I've been waiting for weeks for it to open
(mum says it's a campanula):
A few ox-eye daisies, in the wildflower pots:
Heucheras flowering delicately all over the place:
The first year it felt like the best thing about the yard was this purple thing. It colonises the walls, pokes out from the window sills and round the edges of the concrete, flowers abundantly and the bees love it. It dies off and comes back each year and give me much joy:
I need my mum to visit and put names to everything, though not knowing what a plant is does not stop them being wonderful.
Stay safe. Be kind. Have a cuppa in the garden.


  1. I thought that the purple unknown was delphinium aka larkspur, but changed my mind when I saw your concluding photo. If they're the same flower, pretty sure it's not. ;-)

    1. Oh no, they're completely different, the bell shaped flower is tall, at least 2 feet and has widely spaced flowers. I have emailed the photo to my mum:-)


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