Thursday, 17 June 2021

World Refil Day

 I missed World Refill Day yesterday, only heard about it on the radio. Here are some random things that I refill. Salt pot, owned for at least a decade (the salt still comes in a plastic bag but it is less waste):

Washing up liquid bottle used for nearly as long; I have a five litre one under the sink that I get refilled and then transfer it to the smaller one that is easier to use. Also washing liquid, and more recently fabric conditioner (I hate the stuff but Tish likes it):
Herb and spice jars (the jam jars just go round and round for different uses). Unicorn (in Chorlton) sells their herbs and spices in biodegradable plastic:
Conditioner, a more recent refill, since I discovered Lentils and Lather:
Bagel bags, not refilled with bagels but washed and used for lunches until they go foisty:

Stay safe. Be kind. Refill, reuse, recycle.

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